About AKI

AKI Design is an Interior Architecture and Design Studio based in Melbourne. We offer a complete design service across residential and commercial projects throughout Australia. Behind the AKI Design Studio is Interior Architect – Charis James. A passionate designer with 20 years experience delivering high-end residential, workplace & commercial projects around Australia.

Charis’s knowledge in design was instilled early, with a strong influence from her parents. Her European father, a post-WWII immigrant, and engineer by trade, designed and built their family home; the centerpiece of her childhood. Her mother’s eye for aesthetics and appreciation of art, fashion and design, inspired Charis well before she began her formal training.

The inheritance of these interests helped sculpt Charis’s approach to design (and life) and remain prevalent in her practice today. She creates multilayered, sensory, and tactile spaces that enhance experience, evoking an emotional connection to the inhabitants.

“Our focus is listening to our clients and working with them to provide a bespoke, finely crafted and unique design solution”….. Charis James

At AKI we embrace the journey of design to realise our clients vision and create an environment that will enhance their lives. Homes and social spaces with life and the human being at their cornerstone, Interiors that pay homage to a building’s history and surrounds and design that promotes the perfect ratio of form and function.