Bespoke Services

AKI is a full-service Interior Architecture Studio known for its emotion centered, timeless, and functional design approach.
Over the last 15 years, our projects have focused on High Residential including, Renovations, New Builds, Multi-Res Apartments and Beach Houses.

Recently we have moved into a more commercial space including Retail, Hospitality and consulting spaces.

Our Approach to every project is getting to know our client’s wants & needs and the end requirements of their spaces. We aim to provide a sensory and tactile experience together with our clients and our design approach, sensibility and experience.

Bespoke services Incl:

1. Brief & Discovery
2. Existing conditions documentation
3. Conceptual direction – Imagery
4. Developing & visualising design
        – Schedules FFE
        – Elevation renders
        – Preliminary Documentation
5. Construction Documentation
6. Furniture/Art/Objects & Lighting procurement.

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